Local businessman buys last Mahoning Motor Car Co. car

Local businessman buys last Mahoning Motor Car Co. car

NEW SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Mahoning Motor Car Company started making cars in downtown Youngstown in 1905. Later that year, the operation closed.

The company did not make very many cars and only one is left. That car was recently bought by a man with a business in New Springfield.

Don Snyder of Snyder’s Antique Auto Parts purchased the car. He knows the history of the car.

“The previous owners had the car from back in the late 60s or early 70s. Dick Best was the former owner of the car. He had done a lot of research on the car and purchased the car restored back in ’75 when he last had it finished and did some showing with the car. It’s a two-cylinder car, liquid cooled. All the other cars they had built for production were single-cylinder, air cooled automobiles, and this was the car they were going to promote to compete with the liquid-cooled, two-cylinder cars of the era. But it was short –lived. The company folded in 1905,” Snyder said.

The car was running when the last owner put it away after showing it. Snyder is working with the Best family to acquire the hand crank for the car. He is also working with the Best family to acquire the literature and information for the car.

Snyder believes this car has significance when compared to the other cars he owns.

“This one I’ve always been attracted to because it’s a car from our community. There’s none of them out there. There was another automobile company called the Fredonia that was built in Youngstown as well, and the Best family does still have one of those vehicles,” Snyder said.

The car is well-built given the time it was built.

“Yeah, it’s a very well-built car, very similar to the Ford vehicles of its time. If you compare it to the early Ford vehicles that were built prior to the Model T, you see a lot of shared parts on them. A lot of the companies back then would purchase parts to build the cars from other builders,” Snyder said.

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