Nugget of Knowledge: Produce Facts

Produce secrets: A green bell pepper actually ripens into a yellow pepper, which can ripen further into a red pepper. Some varieties ripen to orange, but it’s all the same plant.

Black olives are just ripe green olives.

The seeds inside green beans are just regular beans that haven’t grown up yet.

Zucchini is baby squash: Pick them young, and they’re tender. Let them grow, and they become solid with a nutty taste. Let them dry out, and you’ve got a gourd.

Baby bella mushrooms is really baby portabella mushrooms. Baby corn is really baby corn. Baby carrots are not baby carrots.

Asparagus is the young shoot of a plant that will grow taller than you are, and artichokes are thistle flowers that haven’t bloomed yet.

One more thing: Take a green bell pepper, place it in a bag or box with holes and store in a cool, dry dark place for a few weeks. Watch it turn yellow and then red.

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