Investigators: 21 dogs from PA dropped off on Lisbon property

Agents took the dogs from a property off of Black Road but investigators think they were moved there from Pennsylvania

Humane agents rescued 21 dogs from a property in Lisbon.

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – The investigation continues in Columbiana County after nearly two dozen dogs were removed from a property in June.

Humane agents rescued 21 dogs in Lisbon after they were tipped off to the case on social media.

“There was a Facebook post from a rescue, an Australian Shepherd rescue in Florida, looking for assistance from other rescues in removing these dogs that were supposedly abandoned on this property in Lisbon,” said Deputy Dog Warden Brenda Austin.

It’s a confusing investigation that spans across two states. Humane agents took the dogs from a property off of Black Road but investigators think they were actually moved there from someplace in Pennsylvania.

“The investigation is still pending, but basically I was in contact with humane organizations in Pennsylvania and they confirmed that they have dealt with the party in PA in the past,” Austin said.

Investigators say it appears the dogs came from a hoarding situation. The animals were matted, their fur was stained yellow from urine and they were unsocialized.

Austin says Pennsylvania humane organizations received a complaint about the dogs in May, just days before they ended up across state lines.

“Our concern, of course, is the other dogs that are most likely still remaining at her PA home.”

No charges have been filed in the case. All of the dogs have been adopted or sent to rescues.

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