Hometown Hero: Champion daycare manager hosts charity car wash

This year, employees and children at Wonder Zone are raising money for the Cure Starts Now Foundation

Terese Sanford, manager at Wonder Zone daycare in Champion, hosts a charity car wash.

CHAMPION, Ohio (WYTV) – Wonder Zone, part of the Champion Christian Church, is more than just a nonprofit daycare center. Manager Terese Sandford is mobilizing the kids and her employees for a special cause.

Each year, Terese picks a cause to support, such as pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis and care packages for troops overseas.

This year, it’s in honor of Lauren Hill, a college basketball star who died last year of brain cancer. The money is going to the Cure Starts Now Foundation.

“Just like Lauren’s story to never give up. So this helps the children to understand, regardless, you have a bad day, you make bad decisions, never give up. You keep moving forward and doing good for our community, is a really good thing for them.”

The kids helped wash the 33 WYTV news car.

“The children are learning empathy, compassion, they’re learning to reach out to the community,” said teacher Chelsea Thomas. “I feel they get a lot out of these kinds of things.”

She says they learn better through hands-on activities.

“We try to keep it simple for them to understand because they learn more on hands-on versus just hearing through the news or through, you know, friends or family.”

After the car wash, Terese has one more fundraiser planned to reach her $1,000 goal for the Cure Starts Now Foundation. The daycare will host a kick-a-thon in the parking lot on August 3rd.

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