Nugget of Knowledge: New dictionary additions adds over 300 new words per year.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Do you have an old fashioned dictionary at home or in the office, or do you use the internet’s most popular English language dictionary?

It’s called and it’s adding more than 300 new words and terms. It wants to stay current so the new words deal with fashion, gender identity, the media and civil rights.

Here are some examples:

Al desko: That’s slang for staying at your desk to work while eating lunch.

Free-range parenting: You allow your kids to roam without constant supervision, which is supposed to make them self reliant.

Ghosting: Ending all contact with a person, especially romantic contact.

Lumbersexual: A masculine man who looks like a lumberjack — very manly and very outdoorsy.

Manspread: Sitting with your legs too far apart and taking up too much room.

Mom jeans: Not very stylish women’s jeans.

Presstitute: A journalist with an agenda — business or political.

Train wreck: A personal failure or disaster.

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