Heat wave isn’t stopping weekend activities in Youngstown

Friday was the third time in the month of July that the temperature was in the 90s

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A heat advisory is in effect for most of Ohio throughout the weekend. Even though the Valley will not be under that advisory, it’s still going to be very hot.

The heat and humidity have been hard to ignore the past few days. Friday was the third time in the month of July that the temperature was in the 90s.

Even so, plenty of people were still outside in the heat.

“My son is getting married tomorrow and we’re out here for the rehearsal,” Kathryn Wetzel said.

The wedding will be held at Fellows Riverside Gardens, but Wetzel isn’t worried about high temperatures ruining the big day.

“I think we’ll all forget about the heat, you know, while it’s going on outside. I think we’ll all enjoy ourselves no matter how it’s going to be.”

Others went to the Italian Festival at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Friday night in Youngstown.

Joseph Rossi is part of the event’s medical staff for the event. He says the best thing to do is use common sense.

“It can affect any one of us. It can affect you from children, to adults, people that are healthy, people that have medical conditions. The best thing…just use common sense and judge yourself accordingly so everybody has a nice night and goes home safe.”

Rossi also recommends wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. He reminds people to know their limits and not overdo it.

It’s important to remember that pets will need extra water this weekend, too.

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