Heavy storms cause power outages, damage

Thousands were left without power in Trumbull County, but power had been mostly restored by the afternoon

Storms uprooted several trees in Trumbull County, bringing down power lines.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Valley was hit with widespread power outages and damage after heavy storms Friday morning.

Thousands were left without power in Trumbull County, especially in hard-hit Kinsman and Cortland, but power had been mostly restored by the afternoon.

First Energy spokesman Mark Durbin said the outages were weather-related, caused by lightning activity in the region. Crews were responding to outages as they came in. You can see updated outage results on First Energy’s website.

There was also storm damage across the area, with trees down in Kinsman and Struthers.

A big tree in front of Jim Lillie’s house in Kinsman uprooted. It just missed his home, but pulled down some power lines.

“That tree’s been here for 100 years. I’m sure it’s something how it uprooted after all these years,” he said. “Had the right gust of wind at the right time, I guess.”

Along Route 5, others in Kinsman faced similar scenarios, giving utility and tree companies plenty of work.

“It seems pretty localized. It’s mostly here on the northeast part of the township running east there, probably was a vertical wind that came through here and runs about two miles, the damage looks like,” Jeff Matthews said.

Lillie says he has a lot of work to do to clean up the mess.

“It’s gonna be a lot of firewood, it’ll take a while. It’s not a good weekend to cut firewood up with all the heat.”

A viewer submitted this photo of storm damage on 4th Street in Struthers.
A tree fell on a fence at a home on 4th Street in Struthers.

Dennis Cuadro heard a loud thud outside of his home on 4th Street in Struthers shortly after the storm passed. The top portion of a tree fell into his backyard, breaking his fence.

He says that his kids play in the backyard every morning and it was only by chance that they weren’t out there when the tree fell.

“They get up at 7:30, 8:00. They come out here, they play with the sand box, they go with the swing, they on the deck most of the time,” Cuadro said. “They’re lucky today…thank God today they weren’t back here today.”

He and his landlord plan to cut down the tree and reassess others in his backyard.

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