ATV track behind Boardman homes creates major disturbance

boardman atv track

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – A wooded area in the middle of a quiet Boardman neighborhood has been turned into an ATV track, and the neighbors living nearby want it to be stopped.

Four of those neighbors spoke at a Boardman Township Trustees meeting Monday evening to voice their concerns. They said the dust and smell of gasoline prevent them from opening their windows and sitting outside.

Joel and Mollie Desocio live on Ronlee Lane off of West Boulevard. A walk through their back yard and into the woods reveals the ATV track where they say 25 to 30 people partied on Saturday.

“There were probably ten vehicles back here,” Joel said. “Four-wheelers, dune buggies, motorcycles and mopeds…All day long. It was link a demolition derby at the Canfield Fair.”

The Desocios say trees were cut by chain saws to build the track. Neatly stacked logs and dirt jumps can be seen. Leftover pylons are evidence that it was organized.

The trustees, police chief and zoning inspector had no solutions for them. Zoning Inspector Marilyn Kenner said there is nothing in the current ordinance that would allow them to ban the ATV activity.

“Maybe we can reach out to our legal folks and ask them to do some research as to what, as a home rule township, we might have available to us,” said Trustee Tom Costello.

Joel told the trustees that in Macedonia, Ohio, an ordinance prevents ATVs from being ridden within 500 feet of any houses.

Passing an ordinance would take time and Boardman residents want the track stopped now. They were told to call police when it was being used, and maybe it could be shut down due to excessive noise.

“I know it’s new for them and they’re working on it like they said, but if we’re just going to be reactionary, waiting to contact the police every time this occurs, I’m not sure anything will ever get accomplished other than us annoying the police department by calling them every time,” Joel said.

Now that the trustees and police are aware of the problem, homeowners in the area are interested to see where it goes from here.

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