Third parties think ‘it’s time for something new’ this election year

Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates hope to be an alternative to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – With 2016 being a very unique election year, local third party members say they think it’s their time to step in.

Email scandals and the DNC chair’s resignation plague the Democratic Party, while the GOP struggles to get everyone to endorse their candidate.

“There’s a feel that it’s time for something new,” said the Green Party’s Jim Villiani.

Third party candidates are rolling through with their campaigns, hoping to be an alternative to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

“The Republicans and the Democrats have done us a huge favor in picking two of the most unattractive candidates for national office that the major parties have ever chosen,” said John Fockler with the Libertarian Party of Ohio.

Fockler says that their pick, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, believes in limited government and getting rid of the IRS.

Dr. Jill Stein, of Massachusetts, will be at the Green Party Convention next week. She believes in a living wage job for every American and pushes for universal health care.

For both parties, it’s now about reaching the voters because most Americans aren’t aware that there are other options.

“We want to get out and talk to people face-to-face,” Villiani said.

Third parties have to poll 15 percent in enough polls to be included in national debates in the fall.

Villani says that even if they don’t win this year, they will in the future once people realize they’re around.

“The dissatisfaction goes back decades. It’s got to the point that it’s going to boil over,” he said.

A Green Party candidate will be on the ballot this fall. Since Ohio doesn’t recognize the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson will likely be labeled as an independent.

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