18-year-old sworn in as Warren’s youngest council member

Danielle Polivka, who recently graduated from Howland High School, will serve the 5th Ward on Warren City Council

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Danielle Polivka, 18, will be sworn in as a member of the Warren City Council on Wednesday, taking over for Vince Flask who now serves as the city’s auditor.

The recent graduate of Howland High School was elected through an appointment process last week and will take the 5th Ward seat as the youngest council member.

“It’s pretty exciting, just a little bit nerve-racking, just since there’s so many people counting on me.”

Polivka is following in her father’s footsteps. Dan, who once held his daughter’s new position, is now County Commissioner and Chairman of the Trumbull County Democratic Party.

“She wanted to get into it and I said, ‘Well, at a young age you have to work three times as hard to make up for your youth, and that’s what she did,” he said.

Polivka had been working hard long before she was sworn in as councilwoman.

She’s been researching grants, with the hopes of turning a soccer field off Central Parkway Avenue into a wellness area, an idea that came from precinct committeeman Michael Shrodek. Polivka says that while a wellness center may not fit in the small area, a track is a more likely possibility.

“It could keep people in the community, give them something to do, get them off the streets, obviously, and give them something a little more productive to do,” Shrodek said. “She obviously, you know, took the idea seriously and checked into it.”

Polivka says she will be holding a meeting sometime in the near future to get the community’s input.

She also wants people to know that her age is not an issue to filling the council position.

“I’ll be able to actually help with the community,” Polivka said. “I’m going to put all my efforts into everything that comes across my path.”

The young councilwoman will be attending Kent State Trumbull and already says she will run for this position again when the appointment term is up. As for her future in politics, Polivka says, for now, she is keeping her sights on bettering Warren.

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