Nugget of Knowledge: Lunch anyone?

The survey found that many people run errands on their lunch breaks

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – How long do you take for lunch?

An office lunch service called Fooda surveyed 500 people about their lunch habits.

Who spends the most time at lunch? The answer is media and communications people, with an average lunch of 58 minutes, followed by lawyers, who take around 50 minutes.

Government bureaucrats spend 45 minutes on lunch and food industry people spend the least time eating lunch — 31 minutes.

Ninety percent of us buy a lunch at least once a week, and those who buy the most lunches themselves work in the food and beverage business. Those people who most bring a lunch to work are in healthcare.

How much do we spend if we buy a lunch? Almost seven in 10 people spend less than $25 a week. At the other end, 3 percent spend more than $75 a week. We stop at the closest restaurant or the company cafeteria.

The biggest lunch spenders: lawyers. The smallest: people who work in retail sales.

One final number: 89 percent of us have run errands during our lunch break.

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