Clinton’s historic nomination a sign of the country’s progress

Women in the Valley seem to agree that Hillary Clinton's nomination is a proud moment

Hillary Clinton defeats Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday as the first woman nominated for president by a major political party.

Congressman Tim Ryan says her nomination is a nod to American progress.

“We’re in Philadelphia, which began the birth of this country and to think how far we’ve come, now to have a woman a nominee of one of the major political parties and potentially president.”

Janelle Fumerola, president of the Youngstown Business and Professional Women’s Club, says that politics aside, this is huge for women.

“Having a woman as a figurehead and as the nominee for a major political party is a huge accomplishment for women in general, whether you agree with Hillary or if you don’t agree with her.”

Women in the Valley seem to agree that Clinton’s historic nomination is a proud moment.

“It is an awesome feeling because in my lifetime, I thought I would never see that,” Roberta Sing said.

Twelve-year-old Hannah O’Brien says that now, women can do anything.

“I think it’s pretty awesome since you know, from pioneer times, we went from…girls who had to stay at home, and do the laundry and take care of kids, to running for office and getting the highest honor there is.”

Her mom, Erin, says that Clinton is paving the way for women who might want to follow in her footsteps.

“This isn’t going to be uncommon anymore…It’s just going to be a commonplace thing and I think it’ll be great. It won’t be odd, it won’t be unique, it’ll just be great.”

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