Mahoning Co. releases government employees’ salaries online

Mahoning County is the first local government to enroll in

Mahoning County became the first local government in Ohio to release its employees' salary information online.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Mahoning County is now the fourth in the state to release all of its employees’ salaries online.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel was in Youngstown on Wednesday to thank the county for being a part of his online checkbook transparency project.

“We’ve gotten positive response from the taxpayers throughout the state,” he said. “There’s a lot of politicians who don’t like it, but the taxpayers love it because this is about power to the people. It gives the power to the citizens to hold the politicians accountable.”

Mahoning County uploaded all of its 1,996 employees, representing over $73 million in 2015.

“By posting our salaries online, it further demonstrates our commitment to transparency,” said Mahoning County Auditor Ralph Meacham.

Taxpayers will now have access to county government employees’ names, positions, departments and salaries. Meacham decided to list only the initials for the County Sheriff’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office employees, instead of their full names, due to the nature of their jobs.

In addition to salary information, hundreds of thousands of individual transactions from the past five years are also posted, totaling more than $978 million.

“We are public servants. This isn’t about being a Republican or Democrat, it’s about doing what is right, and I believe the taxpayers in this county deserve to know where their dollars are being spent,” said County Commissioner Anthony Traficanti.

Mahoning County is the first local government to enroll in Mandel hopes other counties in Ohio follow Mahoning’s lead and release their employees’ salaries online.

Taxpayers with any questions should call Meacham’s office at 330-740-2010.

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