Lowellville mayor: Police chief to resign due to restraining order

Rick Jamrozik agreed to a "no contact" order, which also prohibits him from having any firearms, preventing him from serving in law enforcement

Lowellville Police Chief Rick Jamrozik was placed on paid administrative leave.
Lowellville Police Chief Rick Jamrozik

LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – Lowellville Police Chief Rick Jamrozik will be resigning from the force as a result of a restraining order filed against him, according to Mayor Jim Iudiciani.

Iudiciani confirmed that he talked to Jamrozik, and that Jamrozik will submit a letter of resignation “today or tomorrow.”

Jamrozik was hired as Lowellville’s interim chief a year ago, getting the job full-time in November.

In July, the alleged victim, Jamrozik’s ex-girlfriend, filed for a protective order in Domestic Relations Court. Jamrozik and his lawyer agreed at a hearing Wednesday morning to what’s being called a “consent order” to stay away from the woman for the next five years.

Jamrozik’s ex-girlfriend complained that he assaulted her and ignored previous orders to leave her alone.

“My client wants me to tell you that she wants no contact with the respondent. He tried to reach her through third parties recently, okay?” said Dave Betras, the woman’s attorney.

Betras said his client is “emotionally upset” over the situation.

“[She] has had to seek counseling in addition to medical bills,” he said. “She just wants to be left alone. This order ensures that she will be left alone and that’s the remedy she wanted, that’s the remedy she got.”

In addition to the “no contact” order, the agreement prohibits Jamrozik from having any firearms, preventing him from serving in law enforcement.

Jamrozik has not been criminally charged, but he is being investigated by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation over what has been called “alleged criminal misconduct.”

During the investigation, Captain Donald Coppola and Captain Stacy Karis have been handling the chief duties of the department.


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