Historic Canfield home to be demolished

Paul Kosling grew up in the house built in the early 1800s by the man who founded Canfield

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The historic Canfield house that dates back to Judson Canfield himself, the man who founded Canfield, is officially going to be demolished, and close neighbors are not too happy about the decision.

Paul Kosling grew up in the early 1800s home. When he ran out of funds to keep it up six years ago, he tried to get help in preserving it by attempting to sell the house, move it to another area and offering to give it away for free.

With no takers, he’s given up and supports the decision to demolish it.

“I’ve exhausted every possible method that I can think of to have the house preserved and no one has come forth, so there’s nothing else I can do,” Kosling said.

Canfield’s Planning and Zoning Commission Board of Appeals decided Thursday to demolish the house and clear the land it sits on.

One neighbor, who bought her house because of the wooded landscape in her backyard, said she’s now worried big changes are coming.

“It’s very private, a lot of deer, a lot of wild turkey which we love, so with them tearing down the house, and I heard wanting to build more houses, it’s just a complete turn off for us,” said Quinn Cross.

In March, a developer wanted to buy the seven-acre property to build 20 new homes. He pulled out of the project in April when the board previously voted against tearing down the home.

Meanwhile, Cross thinks leaving it where it is, is the best thing to do.

“We love that here. Sitting outside watching the deer cross all day long. It’s sad that that’s happening and hopefully something happens that it stops it, but I guess we’ll see,” Cross said.

There is no word yet on when the house will be demolished.

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