Historical society takes people on field trip to auto museum

The museum features a car dated as far back as 1917

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Tyler Mahoning Valley Historical Society hosted a field trip to the T.P. Auto Parts Museum Saturday.

The trip was to show off more cars in conjunction with the car display that is now available at the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center.

The T.P. Museum shows about 50 cars and takes people on a walk through time with a 1950s themed soda shop with Camaro from the area, and a car dating back to 1917.

“We had these cars, so my son and I, we had them in garages at home and all kinds of different places, so I figured we might as well open it up for other people to see,” said museum owner Fred Zwicker.

Zwicker’s museum is located right behind T.P. Auto Parts, off of Route 446 in Canfield.

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