Valley Hispanic voters weigh in on Trump’s campaign stances

A recent Quinnipiac University Poll says Hispanic voters back Clinton by 50 percent, compared to the 33 percent who side with Trump

Winning over minority voters is key for candidates campaigning for the country's top spot

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Winning over minority voters is key for candidates campaigning for the country’s top spot, and in this election cycle, Hispanic voters are mostly one-sided.

A recent Quinnipiac University Poll says those voters back Hillary Clinton by 50 percent, compared to just 33 percent siding with Donald Trump.

During his campaign stops, border control has been a major talking point for Trump, who says he will build a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. He’s also said Mexico, South America and Latin America send people with many problems.

Peruvian immigrant Bruno Serrano is the president of Youngstown State University’s Latino organization. He said he is organizing a peaceful protest for Trump’s speech at YSU on Monday, saying he personally feels attacked by some comments the GOP nominee has made toward the Hispanic community.

“When you attack our group, our members, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans even, we take it personal, as a community,” Serrano said. “The reason of this protest is to stop Trump’s negative comments. We’re calling it ‘Love Trumps Hate.'”

When asked who he’d be voting for in November, Serrano said he will not be voting for Trump.

Despite Trump polling low numbers in the Hispanic community, there are some Spanish voters in the Valley who will be voting for him in November, like Missy Rentas, a proud Puerto Rican.

“There’s been certain things that have happened with this administration. I was the effects of that, I lost a job, a good job. Do I think that we can survive another eight years of irresponsibility and trillion dollar debt? No,” Rentas said.

She also said that even though Trump has made some comments attacking the Hispanic community, and if she’d let only her ethnicity determine her moral compass, she’d be forgetting her American values.

Rentas will not be attending Trump’s speech because she has to work.


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