City begins demolition of old car dealerships along Wick Avenue

Youngstown officials are hoping this small step will make a large impact for future development

The City of Youngstown started the demolition of six old car dealerships on Wick Avenue.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The “Wick Six” buildings, six car dealerships that once existed along Wick Avenue in Youngstown, will all be torn down starting Monday.

People in the area, especially the Wick Park Neighbors Association, have been asking for the buildings to be demolished for some time.

“In the past, it was a great hustle and bustle place for the car dealerships, as well as auto parts store and mechanics but since, it’s become dilapidated and blighted,” said 1st Ward City Councilman Julius Oliver.

Superintendent of Code Enforcement Abigail Beniston says the buildings’ interiors are in very bad shape.

“They’re dilapidated. The one behind me that they have started to demolish today, the roof collapsed, the first floor gave way into the basement.”

Officials are hoping this small step will make a large impact. Deputy Director of Public Works Charles Shasho says demolishing the old buildings will open up the site for future development.

“I think people in the city will start to see everywhere that if something is being done in one part of the city, that means the whole city is going to benefit from it, and we’ll eventually get to other parts of the city for redevelopment and revitalization as well,” Oliver said.

Although tearing down the buildings is bittersweet for some, others are excited about Youngstown building a new future.

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