Braceville Twp. considers building new businesses near SR 5

The township gets a lot of turnpike traffic through the area, but there are not many places for cars to stop

BRACEVILLE TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – There are some opportunities for growth in the small, rural community of Braceville Township with the potential to bring in revenue.

The Trumbull County Planning Commission presented a 20-year comprehensive plan for the township. These plans cover everything from transportation to sewage. While they aren’t required, having a comprehensive plan helps when applying for grant money.

Anthony Kobak with the Planning Commision spoke to a packed town hall Tuesday night about the community’s vision, which begins at the State Route 5 interchange.

The township gets a lot of turnpike traffic through the area, but there are not many places for cars to stop.

“I think that if they build up Route 5 and the commercials, that will then generate the revenue they need to bring in more people, to bring in more projects,” said Carole Heller, who has lived in Braceville for years.

The township’s trustees hear the people and know they want development.

Trustee Todd Brewster says it’s a delicate balance to keep Braceville’s rural feel while building businesses, but he thinks it can be done.

“The Route 5 corridor is definitely a commercial development area, so that, somewhat, makes our job a little bit easier as trustees because we’ve been given an area…where the development should go,” he said.

The plan also focuses around a unique sign that reads “Center of the World.” The township thinks that this aspect of its identity is something it can capitalize on.

Kobak says that might mean surrounding the intersection with businesses or tying in the LaBrae Athletic Club.

“That facility brings in a lot of people, mainly in the summertime, but trying to capture some of that foot traffic and bring them down to the center of the world.”

Other suggestions were starting foot and bike trails and preserving environmental lands such as wetlands. No one vision has top priority, and it’s now up to trustees to decide which ideas are the most realistic.

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