Nugget of Knowledge: Lucky Dubai Guy

One airplane crash survivor was luckier than others on board

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – On August 3, a United Arab Emirates flight crashed at the Dubai International Airport.

Everyone walked away, everyone was lucky, but one man turned out to be luckier than everyone else.

All 300 people on board were able to escape from the burning aircraft. The Boeing 777 landed on its belly. It was flying to Dubai from India.

Among those on board was 62-year-old Mohamed Bashir of Dubai.

Bashir got a phone call six days later, telling him he had won the lottery. He had bought his ticket before boarding the Emirates flight.

He won $1 million.

It was Dubai’s Millionaire Sweepstakes. Only 5,000 tickets are sold, and each costs $278.

Bashir had played 16 times before.

His coworkers at his auto body shop say he stayed calm, just as he had during the accident a few days earlier and continued working as if nothing had changed

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