Pennsylvanians react to attorney general’s conviction, resignation

reaction kathleen kane resignation

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WYTV) – Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was convicted Monday and resigned Tuesday, becoming another in a long list of Pennsylvania politicians with legal issues.

Kane was convicted of all nine counts against her, including perjury, obstruction and official oppression. Prosecutors say she leaked grand jury information to discredit a political rival, and then lied about it.

Now Pennsylvania’s first elected female attorney general faces jail time.

Former Lawrence County Prosecutor Matt Mangino says it’s embarrassing.

“Certainly it’s an embarrassment to the state of Pennsylvania that your top law enforcement official gets indicted and convicted.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Bruce Castor, Kane’s first deputy, announced he will take over as attorney general.

“I don’t know that anybody’s prepared to assume a job of this nature. I certainly have spent my entire professional life learning how to run a large government operation,” Castor said in a press conference.

Pennsylvania citizens have a lot to say about the whole situation.

“I think she should pay for what she did wrong,” said Gene Singer, of Union Township. “People, they get in these high positions and they get this power, and then they just overdo it.”

Barbara Exposito, of New Castle, thinks it was best for Kane to resign.

“No more dirty laundry would come out since she resigned, and it didn’t have to go any further,” she said.

Gene Retort, of Bessemer, says the problem is with politicians.

“We don’t have the right politicians running this country, and it’s disappointing.”

Mangino says there is a long history of corruption and malfeasance in Harrisburg.

Western Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly has very strong opionions about Kane’s conviction and resignation.

“It’s no wonder people are dissatisfied with government right now. They don’t trust people in office, it’s because of bad behavior. This is not a happy time for Pennsylvania,” he said.

Kelly has become such a critic of what’s happening in Harrisburg, that he is strongly considering running for governor in 2016.

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