Volunteers work to clean up neglected spaces in Warren

Volunteers will be cleaning up Beck, Willard, Burton, Milton, Brier, Wick and Wallace Streets on the southeast side of the city

Volunteers work to clean up vacant spaces in Warren.

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Volunteers in Warren are stepping up and taking pride in their neighborhood by clearing tall grass and garbage and boarding up vacant homes.

This week, they will work to clean seven streets on the southeast side of the city as part of a clean up initiative known as “Southeast Neighborhood Pride Week.”

“I love it here. This is my community and I want to keep it nice,” said Pierson “Butch” Butcher, who lives on Hazelwood Avenue.

This week, Butcher is cutting the grass on vacant lots with his mower. Other volunteers will be boarding up vacant homes.

“Out of those seven streets, we got 33 houses and an additional 40 plots of land that we plan on targeting, so we’re going to mow every single one of those plots of land,” said D’Andre Bowers with the Warren Neighborhood Initiative.

The staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital also joined the effort on Tuesday.

“We have probably ten houses on our list that we’re trying to tackle, so we’re just trying to generally clean up the garbage, trim some of the brush and some of the overgrowth so they can come in and board up the houses and try to make it a little cleaner, a little nicer for everyone who still lives here,” said pharmacist Rhonda Newell-Horton.

Bowers says that anyone is welcome to join them and help clean up Warren.

“We have to show that not just the people that live here love this community, but even the people that don’t live here love this community.”

Throughout the week, volunteers will be working on Beck, Willard, Burton, Milton, Brier, Wick and Wallace Streets. Different groups including the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership and Warren City Schools will also be pitching in.

To get involved, visit the Warren Neighborhood Initiative’s website.

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