Crestview Schools hopes new technology keeps students healthy

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Getting children ready for the start of the school season can be challenging, but how do you keep them from getting sick once they get there?

According to ISSA, nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold and 38 million to the flu.

Crestview Local School District in Columbiana hopes that new technology will stop the spread of germs in the classroom.

The equipment is called the E-Mist electrostatic surface disinfectant sold by Rhiel Supply Company, and it works just like a magnet. The germ-killing spray uses the power of electrostatics to disinfect. It can be sprayed over surfaces and left there, not requiring wiping.

Ken Krainock, specialist in Electrostatic Surface Disinfection for the Rhiel Company, said the device will kill any hospital-acquired infection, as well as polio, the Norovirus, MRSA, e. Coli and HIV.

“It electrostatically disinfects surfaces, so it attracts to a surface with a negative and positive charge,” he said.

The Rhiel Company provides janitorial and sanitary services, and the E-Mist Electrostatic Backpack System is just one product it offers to schools, hospitals and other businesses.

Wrapping the entire surface with just one spray, Krainock said the spray decreases the chances of kids getting sick.

“It will definitely lower those cases so we will get kids in their seats and not at home sick in bed,” he said.

Janitors have to make the solution that goes inside the backpack, starting with a saline solution.

“When we put it into any tap water and we add an electrical charge to it, it becomes hypochlorous acid which basically turns it into a disinfectant,” Krainock said.

After 10 minutes, it’s ready to go into the backpack.

Crestview’s Maintenance Supervisor Jay Radman said the set up is simple, and anybody can use it. The technology can cover 100,000 square-feet per hour.

It costs $6,200, but Krainock expects it to save the district money in the long run.

“You’re going to save on disinfectant. You’re going to save on supplies,” Krainock said.

Crestview Local Schools is the first district in the area to have this new technology, but Rhiel hopes to attract more districts to keep all students healthy.


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