Officers begin weekend-long saturation patrol effort in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown Police, along with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department and Ohio State Highway Patrol, will be conducting saturation patrols in the city all weekend.

“It’s really a fantastic opportunity. It gives us the chance to work more closely with the Highway Patrol and with Youngstown Police to keep the city safe,” said Sgt. Jim Touville with the sheriff’s department.

The first stop we witnessed was around 4:45 p.m. in front of the Mahoning County Courthouse downtown. A state patrolman and sheriff’s deputy, riding together, spotted a car driving outside of its lane.

“While speaking to the driver of the vehicle, they did detect the odor of raw marijuana,” said Sgt. Jeff Greene with Highway Patrol. “Consequently, a search was conducted, in which they found the marijuana and the paraphernalia.”

Officers then took the short drive from downtown into the south side, stopping at South and Marmion avenues, where they pulled over a man on a small motorcycle.

“A state trooper and a Youngstown police officer made this stop and they investigated the stop. It revealed that the VIN was scratched out, and it’s being sent off to the detectives for follow up,” said Youngstown patrolman Mohammad Awad.

While that sounds like something minor, Awad says it could lead to something major.

“The detectives may follow up and find that there’s a theft ring or a bike theft ring, and that’s what we’re hoping for today.”

On Cooper Street, officers found a semi parked on the sidewalk next to the vacant Adams School. The driver ended up with a ticket that will cost him $10.

“Even something as simple and small as this, we still keep that in mind,” Awad said. “While we’re out there looking for big things, we’re still trying to enforce those small things that keep our community nice.”

There was also an incident Friday night on St. Louis Avenue where a fight broke out between a suspect and a state trooper. The state trooper went to the hospital, but is expected to be okay.

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