Youngstown PD: Woman attacked boyfriend with fork during car ride

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police said a Youngstown woman tried stabbing her boyfriend with a fork and choking him with a phone cord while he was driving with her child in the back seat.

Aaliyah Clark, 21, was charged with felonious assault and endangering children after officers were called to a Greenwood Street home Thursday afternoon. Dispatch received multiple calls about a fight inside a vehicle and then later in front of the home.

Clark told police that her boyfriend began driving erratically because he was upset that they were breaking up. She said her daughter was in the backseat and when she told him to quit driving dangerously, she said the man spit in her face.

Clark then told police that she struck him with a glass perfume bottle and tried to choke him with a phone cord charger, during which time he bit her, according to a police report. Police said the woman had bite marks on her arm.

The man denied spitting on Clark, saying that saliva did come out of his mouth while the two were arguing but that he apologized. He said Clark then began irate, striking him in the head and attacking him. He said he could barely control the car during the attack and almost struck telephone poles when Clark climbed on top of him.

He added that Clark tried to stab him with a children’s fork in the shoulder during the incident.

Police said the man had bumps on his head and a cut on his neck. A witness told police he saw Clark attacking her boyfriend, according to a police report.

Clark is due in Youngstown Municipal Court at 1:30 p.m. Friday. Police said Clark’s boyfriend may also face charges.


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