Niles Council hires architect to fix moldy City Hall

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – Niles City Council voted to hire an architect to fix city hall’s structural problems Wednesday evening.

Black mold was discovered in the building last week, caused by water leaking inside.

Architect Bruce Sekanick told council on Monday that the building requires maintenance on the roof, the perimeter wall system and in parts of the foundation.

It will be a costly project for the city to fund, especially as Niles is still in fiscal emergency. Council said in the best case scenario, it would cost under $300,000.

Second Ward Councilman Steve Mientkiewicz raised questions about a price cap.

“Are we coming up with a number, and are we going to work with the architect to come up with a number for a stop work order?”

He was told no, that the city will have Sekanick study the building’s situation and come up with a number on how much renovations would cost.

“Myself and the fiscal supervisors from the state will sit down and analyze the data that’s given to us by the architect, and figure out which way the city should head,” said City Auditor Giovanne Merlo.

Mientkiewicz said after that, they will budget it out to determine if they can proceed with the project or not.

Merlo said the costs would likely be divided among different departments in the building, but nothing can be determined yet.

City Council President Robert Marino said Sekanick will also evaluate the facility to determine whether the investment is even worth their return. If it is repairable, they will advertise for bids.

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