Trumbull Co. 911 hopes to add feature for people with special needs

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Officials in Trumbull County are hoping to improve emergency services for people with special needs by using the software they already have, and building up the information given.

Kelly Bryant, a dispatcher for Trumbull County 911, says it’s a great feature.

She knows how critical seconds can be when there is an emergency. That’s why she’s entered an alert with special instructions for her address into the 911 software system.

“Unfortunately, my husband has a medical condition. I have dogs that will tell someone there is an issue,” Bryant said. “I’m able to actually dial 911…the dispatchers here are able to, when the address comes up, pull up the alert and realize I need medical assistance.”

Since that bit of information is so important, county leaders are looking to extend the alerts to anyone in the county who may have special needs.

“There is a lot of people that we can help out there and we have that ability,” said 911 director Ernest Cook.

Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa says the technology would prepare first responders on how to properly care for people with special needs.

“If a first responder coming to a house where somebody may have Alzheimer’s, or a child has autism or somebody’s visually impaired, it just better prepares those first responders on how to deal with that.”

Cantalamessa says it would help save lives and protect first responders.

The service is optional and officials are still trying to figure out how they will collect the information.

Since the system already has the capabilities to do it, commissioners say it will only cost to pay an extra employee to enter in all the data.

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