Nugget of Knowledge: Airplane facts

There is a reason why airplane food is so bland

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Ever wonder why the windows on a commercial airliner may not exactly line up with the seats?

That’s because the manufacturer built the plane before the seats went in, and it’s up the individual airlines to place those seats. They’re actually on runners, so they can be moved further apart or closer together. So, the seats may not always line up exactly with the windows.

Sit in the rear and you’re 40 percent more likely to survive an accident. If you can’t sit in the rear, choose a seat no more than six rows away from an exit.

The cabin, of course, is pressurized, but the pressure is low and the humidity is low so fresh air can circulate better.

The low humidity will dehydrate you, so drink water. The low humidity and low pressure will also make your airline food taste bland, and that’s why the airlines tend to over season their food.

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