Police say naked woman ran through Niles, attacked officers

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – A woman was sedated and taken to the hospital after police spotted her running around naked in Niles.

Niles police officers were called to the parking lot of Flynn’s Tire and Auto Service overnight Saturday for a report of a naked woman in the parking  lot. Police said the woman appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was having a psychotic episode.

The woman identified herself as Katrina Flowers but refused to cooperate with officers, screaming obscenities and spitting on a police cruiser, according to a police report. While waiting for an ambulance in the back of the cruiser, police said Flowers kicked the frame of the window off the door.

The 21-year-old woman was taken out of the car at which time she attempted to kick an officer in the groin, police said. She was sedated and taken by ambulance to Trumbull Memorial Hospital after police say she spit on paramedics.

“She was spitting on the medics, was spitting on the officers, did kick one of our officers and had to be tied down, and had to be sedated before she could be taken to the hospital,” said Capt. John Marshall.

A warrant has been issued for assault, disorderly conduct and vandalism charges.

Police said it is suspected that the woman used some sort of synthetic drug, like flakka or bath salts. Flakka is a designer drug closely related to bath salts that can cause paranoia and psychosis.

Flowers was arrested again Monday night for a domestic violence incident, according to police.


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