Youngstown father says school bus dropped off 6-year-old at wrong stop

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Now into the second week of school, the busing issue in Youngstown continues.

George Cruz says his 6-year-old daughter was dropped off on the north side of the city, even though they live on the east side.

“Something could’ve happened to my daughter today,” he said.

Cruz knew something was wrong when his son arrived home but his daughter didn’t, so he called the schools.

“They didn’t know where she was at. The school was trying to get in contact with them, nobody could get in contact, they didn’t know what driver had her,” he said.

While he admits his daughter boarded the wrong bus, Cruz says drivers need to take more responsibility for kids getting on and off.

“So they can say, ‘Hey, this child doesn’t belong on this bus, let me call and find out why this child is on this bus or what’s going on.'”

Cruz says that after his daughter got off the bus, she knocked on doors until a women helped her and called Youngstown Police.

“Just not drop a child off, like my 6-year-old, who has to knock on doors to get the help from police.”

The police department says it received a couple of calls about kids boarding the wrong bus, but that it was nothing over the top. Police normally contact the school board, who helps them reach the child’s guardian.

Cruz is thankful that his daughter is safe Monday night, but thinks someone should lose their job for dropping her off on the wrong side of town.

From now on, he says he will be taking his kids to school.

CEO Krish Mohip said he will not accept these busing issues and is working to find solutions to the problem.

After speaking with legal counsel, school board member Corrine Sanderson decided it was best that she didn’t attend Monday’s meeting.

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