Hillary Clinton bobblehead showcases Valley’s 3D manufacturing

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce unveiled its life-sized Hillary Clinton bobblehead Thursday morning.

The Chamber sponsored a bobblehead of both party’s presidential candidates as a way of showing off what the Valley has to offer in terms of additive manufacturing.

Chamber leaders say they want America to know that Youngstown is not part of the Rust Belt anymore, but is right in the heart of the Tech Belt that runs from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.

Guy Coviello, with the Chamber, says 3D printing is a huge part of that.

“It is that technology that is revolutionizing industry in the U.S. and giving the Valley a much different future than it had some time ago.”

A life-sized bobblehead of Donald Trump was displayed at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last month.

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