Vice President Biden stops by Canfield Fair on its second day

Joe Biden was greeted with cheers as he got out of the limo in front of the Mahoning County Democratic Party tent

The Vice President makes a surprise stop at the Canfield Fair

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – After his rally in Lordstown at the UAW 1714 union hall, Vice President Joe Biden and Senate candidate Ted Strickland made an unannounced stop at the Canfield Fair.

The sun was shining as the ribbon was cut Thursday morning, marking the official start of this year’s fair.

Biden was greeted with cheers as he got out of the limousine around 2 p.m. in front of the Mahoning County Democratic Party tent.

He was popular at the fair, shaking hands, taking pictures and giving out hugs.

Many were excited to see the vice president, but 4-H dad Jim Siwula wanted to ask him to support the hardworking 4-H kids at an auction.

“We wanted to know if you could come to a 4-H auction tonight and maybe help us out with our scholarship animals.”

Biden said he would be in Cleveland then, so Siwula said they’ll take a check instead.

“By the way, we bought more pigs, and goats, and cows at our site auction to contribute to that,” Biden responded.

Even with all that he had to do, Biden took a moment to grab something to eat at the Antone’s food stand.

“It was great. I’ve obviously never met a vice president before and he was so nice. We’re just so proud to be able to serve him at Antone’s,” said Stephanie Nordlund, who served Biden his food.

He and Strickland ate lunch with Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman Dave Betras.

As he got back into his limo, Biden said, “I wish they weren’t making me leave.”

Other people at the fair on Thursday said it’s an annual family event.

“It was always a family thing when we came here. It reminds me of my grandma and grandpa because they passed away a while ago, it just reminds me of them,” said Marissa Mangino, of Poland.

Martha Enlow, of Columbiana, says she and her five grandkids come to the Canfield Fair every year.

High school bands performed earlier in the day. The band Halestorm will be performing at the grandstand Thursday at 8 p.m.

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