Families remember victims of Youngstown’s ‘Labor Day Massacre’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Twenty-five years ago, Willie “Flip” Williams committed his infamous “Labor Day Massacre” on the east side of Youngstown. For people who lost loved ones, it feels like just yesterday.

Even though the one-time drug dealer was put to death over ten years ago for the crime, family members of the victims are still left to grieve.

Monica Wynn, a sister of one of the victims, said the families have gotten closer over the years.

“We talk about them, about old times. We have get-togethers, have little family meetings, try to keep his name alive,” said Andre Madison, one of the victim’s cousins.

They gathered Friday at the house where the murders of William Dent, Alfonda Madison, Eric Howard and Theodore Wynn, Jr. took place.

“Give a tribute to my brother and the three other gentlemen that died in this house 25 years ago,” Tawanna Wright said. “We want to let everybody know they are gone, but not forgotten.”

The families created a memorial at the site with ribbons and balloons, and said they think of their loved ones every day.

“I don’t have to do anything daily to think about him, he’s just a part of me, a part of my heart,” Wright said. “I look at his kids and his grandchildren, so that automatically brings up my brother.”

They also wanted to share a message of peace.

“These young kids put guns in their hands, and you don’t understand or you don’t care what family member is going to get that call and have to go ID their loved one, or their son, or their daughter,” Wynn said.

After praying at the memorial, the families went on to the cemetery to offer prayers there.

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