Emergency medical responders well-prepared at Canfield Fair this year

While walking through crowds at the fair, it's common to see a group of first responders or EMTs walking beside you

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The sun beat down on fair-goers this weekend, and even though the weather wasn’t as hot as previous years, it still took its effect on some people, so EMTs and firefighters had to be on high alert.

As of Saturday night, more than 180,000 people attended the Canfield Fair this year.

Beefing up patrol was something local fire departments and first responders wanted to do to be more prepared than ever this year, and it proved to be worth it.

“A lot of heat related issues. Fluids, dehydration, things like that,” said Canfield Fire and Rescue’s Deputy Fire Chief Matt Rarick.

Canfield Fire and Rescue, along with several other departments from across the area, were well prepared for the fair and able to respond to emergencies faster than ever.

“Our response time for our unit is under a minute, which is really fantastic,” said Alan Scannell, the area’s local Red Cross chapter’s event coordinator.

Saturday was the fair’s busiest day, with more than 20 calls for emergency services, ranging from heat exhaustion to bee stings.

In order to have easy access to the ground’s different areas, the responders created four different posts.

“Our main headquarters, two inside the fairgrounds and then we actually man a campground that covers all of the 400 or 500 trailers that are out there,” Rarick said.

Rarick also said that luckily, emergency trips so far this year have decreased in comparison to other years.

“We’ve ran about 40 responses for service today, usually we’re around 80 to 100,” he said.

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