Visitors enjoy vegetable and flower garden display in Hubbard

Master gardener Rodney Toth said he's been gardening since 1960

HUBBARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Many people went to the 20th annual Open Garden in Hubbard Sunday to stop and smell the roses, among other things.

An entire backyard was full of flowers, gourds and vegetables, all on display for free and organized by master gardener Rodney Toth.

There were hundreds of species of flowers and a dozen specialty items. People could also shop around for gourd decorations.

“Beautiful, it’s just beautiful, and the man that has done this is more than a gardener, he’s an artist,” said visitor Carol Heinz.

Toth said he’s been gardening since 1960.

“It’s fun to be around other gardeners, and we get over 600 gardeners to come here and we tell stories,” Toth said.

Other gardeners said feats like this can only be achieved by someone with a serious green thumb.

“They will produce for you if you know what you’re doing, and it’s pretty evident, he knows what he’s doing,” said visitor Nancy Kovach.

Toth tries his hardest to leave a lasting impression, all done out of love.

“Number one, you plan, and during the winter months I do my planning and go through all the seed catalogs and buy my seeds. Then in the summertime, I plant, and planting without planning is not good,” Toth said.

This year is Toth’s final showcase because he wants to spend more time with his wife. But, he is very happy to have made an impact over the past 20 years.

“It’s really not for me. It’s for everybody to have a good time and to enjoy, and to know that other folks can put a smile on their face because of my shovel in the ground, that’s important,” he said.

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