Are voters beginning to lean toward Trump?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The tide could be shifting toward Republicans in the race for the White House, at least according to one new poll. Leaders with Ohio’s Democratic Party insist they’re not overly concerned with the new numbers, however.

“We are far more organized than the other side. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to believe in this kind of field operation, or understand it. We think that really helps us in a close race,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper.

A poll of likely voters conducted last week for CNN shows Donald Trump with a two point margin over Hillary Clinton. This comes just a day after thousands turned out to greet the GOP ticket at the Canfield Fair, and weeks after other surveys had given the former Secretary of State a double-digit lead.

Rep Tim Ryan, D-13th, said he expects Trump’s growth in the polls to slow.

“We did see a loss in some of the bounce from the [Democratic National] Convention, but Trump really is at ceiling,” he said. “I think most people are saying, ‘We can’t see this guy as the next president.'”

But Youngstown State University Political Science Chair Dr. Paul Sracic said he’s not sure that’s the case.

“This is a trend now. It seems like every week we get a poll showing it closer and closer. Now we’ve got one that’s crossed, so it’s, it’s the trend that people are looking it,” he said.

While the CNN polling suggests Trump is favored by nearly half of those identifying themselves as Independents, both Republicans and Democrats argue that they are attracting voters from the other side.

“We’re seeing a lot of sub-urban Republicans and moderates and a lot of women who are saying they will not vote for Donald Trump, and actually, we think there are a lot more of them,” Pepper said.

While Sracic says there has been plenty of crossing over, he thinks Democrats will have an easier time voting for Trump, who has been portraying himself as the anti-establishment candidate.

“The never-Trump movement actually helps him with Democrats, because you can be a Democrat in good conscience and vote for him. Can you be a Republican in good conscience and vote for Hillary Clinton?”

Scracic says turnout of those cross-overs in Ohio and Pennsylvania could make the difference.


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