Nugget of Knowledge: Ohio’s basket building

The Longaberger building in Newark, Ohio can now be purchased for a bargain

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Longaberger Company makes baskets and it wanted its headquarters here in Ohio to look like a massive woven picnic basket

The company is now consolidating its operations and moved its workers to a factory nearby.

The late founder Dave Longaberger came up with this design for his headquarters. It’s in Newark, Ohio, about 40 miles east of Columbus, and it’s up for sale. The only problem? No one wants it.

Built in 1997, the building went on the market last year for $7.5 million. It’s 180,000 square feet, seven stories, and it looks like it’s ready for a lakeside picnic.

The offices are now listed at $5 million, a real bargain for office space in that part of Ohio.

It’s got to stay the way it is. It’s narrower at the bottom than the top — just like your favorite woven basket.

The workers are all going 17 miles from Newark to Frazeysburg, home of the 17-foot tall Longaberger fruit basket in Muskingham County.

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