Mahoning County Sheriff cleaning house of unclaimed property

Mahoning County Sheriff’s items

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office is looking to make use of piles of forgotten items and help local charities along the way.

Over the last four decades, thousands of inmates have stayed in the Mahoning County Jail. Those inmates had to give up all of their personal items that they were carrying at the time.

Much of those items have ended up, unclaimed, in storage at the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office.

Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene estimates that items date back to the 1970s. Those include jewelry, watches and cell phones that were never reclaimed. There was even some cash and a 1938 Mercury-head dime.

“I’m gonna say there’s probably 90 ninety percent of it is costume jewelry and has a minimal value to it,” he said.

There is an assortment of gold rings and other items that Greene plans to appraise next week to determine their worth.

“We plan on taking that money and donating part of it to the Food Bank and the other part of it to Friends of Fido,” he said.

To get rid of the stuff, the Sheriff’s Office had to first get a court order and then advertise the property in local newspapers to see if any owners would come forward. Greene said no one ever did come forward for the items.

Several confiscated cell phones will be reconditioned and given to local senior centers so people living there without cell phones can use them. The watches and other goods will be donated to Angels for Animals to be sold at the agency’s garage sales.


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