Man shot at in Youngstown while driving on 680 South

Youngstown shooting

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) — A man driving through Youngstown Tuesday night claims he was cut-off and shot at while getting on 680 South.

Around 7:30 p.m., Albert Chen said in a police report that he was driving on Himrod Avenue through a construction zone when a silver Toyota Corolla cut in front of him at a high speed. The vehicle then took the 680 North exit, while Chen took the 680 South ramp.

That’s when Chen, passing the Toyota, said he heard approximately five gunshots as the driver held a silver semi-automatic handgun out of the window in his direction. He described the Toyota’s driver as a white male in his late 20’s/early 30’s with medium length brown hair.

Chen told police that he heard one bullet hit his 2004 silver Honda Accord, which was observed as having a bullet hole through the trunk lid. Officers believe it passed through the rear break light and the back seat before it hit the back/center of the driver’s front seat.

Chen immediately drove to the Youngstown Police Department after the incident. No bullet was recovered.


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