Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to college students at Kent State University

It's been about two months since Sanders ended his presidential campaign and sided with Clinton

Sanders campaigning at KSU

KENT, Ohio (WYTV) – United States Senator Bernie Sanders spent time on the campaign trail in northeast Ohio Saturday, urging millennials to vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Beginning at the University of Akron, Sanders eventually made his way to Kent State University, speaking to a crowd mostly made up of college students.

He talked about issues such as discrimination, climate change and paying for college. He also spoke about what’s at stake for millennials in the upcoming election.

“Every family in America that has an income of $125,000 or less, that’s 83 percent of our population, every one of those families should have the right to send their kids to public colleges [and] universities, tuition free,” Sanders said.

It’s been about two months since Sanders ended his presidential campaign and sided with Clinton, helping with her push to the White House.

“All of you are dealing with the insanity of millions of people struggling with outrageously high levels of student debt, and we’re going to deal with that issue,” he said.

Sanders was one of the younger generation’s favorite candidates during primary season, but now he is urging his supporters to vote with him in November.

“Growing up, I was in a single parent home, it was just me and my mom, and we didn’t have a lot. I feel like the Democrats care more so about the people that have less,” said KSU student Brionna Laster.

“Definitely a brighter future than Donald Trump. I like her college plan, I think she has a lot more of a positive vision than Trump,” said KSU student Mike Pissos.

Trump had a few supporters outside KSU’s Rec Center; they were quiet and peaceful.

“I think there’s some changes that need to be done in the White House, and he’s somebody outside the box that other people fear. I like that idea of change in the White House and not a politician,” said KSU student Lawrence Repko.

Clinton spent her day in Washington D.C. while Trump spent his day in Washington and Colorado.

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