Still no winner after weeks of card drawing in Garrettsville

Card number 42 ended up being the Nine of Hearts for the nearly $2 million jackpot

Card number 42 ended up being the Nine of Hearts for the nearly $2 million jackpot.

GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – There is still no winner this week for the Queen of Hearts drawing in Garrettsville.

The drawing that takes place at SkyLane Bowling Alley saw card number 42 end up being the Nine of Hearts for the $2.3 million jackpot. That figure is a world-record according to SkyLane Owner Aaron King.

Now just three cards remain and King will be relieved when it’s all over.

“The Queen of Hearts is hiding in there somewhere — she’s stubborn. I guess she doesn’t want to come out,” he said. “We are worn out, but it’s exciting, and we’re just adding on to the record we just broke.”

The unprecedented jackpot drew a massive crowd of more than 12,000 people on Sunday. Cars were parked on every inch of grass as people came from all across North America.

“Everywhere,” Windham Fire Chief Rich Gano said. “Canada…Kansas.”

“Sort of like a Woodstock-type atmosphere,” Ian Jones of Southington said.

Bruce Miller of Diamond, Ohio said the masses descending on Garrettsville have been well-behaved — mostly.

“There have been some altercations,” Miller said. “But nothing’s gotten out of hand from what I’ve seen.”

Added Jones, “Police are doing their job. There’s no wildness. No fighting.”

King said the next jackpot could get to $3 million. However, there will be a change that should make next Sunday a little calmer for the multi-million dollar game.

“You do not need to be here to win 90 percent of the pot,” King said.

Each week, SkyLane runs a 50/50 raffle to benefit a different charity. Portage Animal Protective League was the recipient this week and earned $45,000.

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