Dangerous Beaver Twp. intersection gains another stop sign

BEAVER TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – Starting on Wednesday, the intersection of routes 626 and 165 in Beaver Township will be a 4-way stop.

In July, a semi dump truck hit a car at the intersection, which is currently a 3-way stop, killing the car’s passenger. The fatal crash got several neighbors talking about how unsafe it is, saying they hear tires squeal all the time.

“I think just about everybody who uses the intersection thinks it’s a good idea,” Ralph Gebhardt said.

He’s been living near 626 and 165 for 40 years and says he has been waiting for this change.

“For a lot of years, there has been a multitude of accidents so actually, it’s a real good thing the state has decided to put a 4-way stop here and it’ll probably save some lives, I’m sure.”

Beaver Township trustees sent a letter to the Ohio Department of Transportation asking for a 4-way stop. Two weeks later, ODOT responded.

“We found that there is a much greater number of vehicles using that intersection, so it now warrants a 4-way stop,” said Brent Kovacs, spokesman for ODOT.

In the past five years, there have been up to three accidents a year at 626 and 165.

“One of our main considerations is to increase safety so if this increases safety, that’s a great thing,” Kovacs said.

People who live near the intersection say that after it becomes a 4-way stop, there needs to be some way to warn drivers.

“I think they should put something else up, like a light, to inform people way ahead of time because a lot of people are not familiar that it’s going to be a four-way stop,” Raymond Peace said.

There is a message board on one side of the intersection to remind drivers of the upcoming change, but nothing on the other side.

Kovacs says there will be permanent “stop ahead” signs once the stop sign is in place.

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