Nugget of Knowledge: Average driving distances of vehicles

The low fuel light comes on well before you run out of gas


Have you seen the low fuel warning light on your car’s dashboard very often?

You should know that “empty” doesn’t necessarily mean your tank is bone dry.

But depending on your car, it could be enough to make it to the nearest gas station, or it could get you home with some to spare.

Just because your car can run past the empty line doesn’t mean you should push it as far as possible.

The fuel pump of a near-empty tank burns hotter than it does with a full tank of gas, so the more you drive your car down to the last drop, the greater the risk becomes of burning out the pump.

Let’s show you a chart from an auto repair service Your Mechanic.

Here is the average driving distance you can expect depending on your vehicle make and model. Expect less if you’re driving in the city:

Ford F-150: 1/16 tank – 35-80 miles

Honda Civic: 1.9 gallons – 59-80 miles

Nissan Sentra: 2 gallons – 60-80 miles

VW Jetta: 2 gallons – 60-80 miles

Chevy Cruze: 2 gallons – 56-84 miles

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