Police: Youngstown man found under porch after robbery

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) — A Youngstown man was arrested on Thursday after being chased following a robbery.

According to a police report, Joseph Nance, 35, drove to 325 East Dewey Avenue around 6:30 p.m. and put a gun to the head of Surgeo McMullin, who approached Nance’s vehicle from the porch. Nance then took approximately $100 and a bottle of prescription Oxycodone from McMullin’s pockets and began running towards South Avenue.

Police said McMullin chased Nance before he met police on South Avenue and described the incident. Police then found Nance under the porch of a Pasadena Avenue home, where he was arrested for aggravated robbery, as well as possession of drugs and drug abuse.

Nance, who was wanted out of Trumbull County for FTA Capias, was set on $80,000 bond.

Police found the handgun — which they said Nance admitted was not his — about 20 feet from where he was arrested.


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