Vienna PD: Elk escapes from Candywood Whitetail Ranch enclosure

VIENNA, Ohio (WYTV) – Police were sent to Candywood Whitetail Ranch, a newly-opened hunting preserve, for a report of an escaped elk on Tuesday.

Vienna Township Police Chief Bob Ludt said a driver called police to report seeing an elk running near State Route 82 and Scoville North Road. The elk belonged to Candywood Whitetail Ranch and had escaped from its gated area, although it technically never left the ranch’s property.

Still, Ludt said it had drivers concerned that it would run into the roadway.

“When we went down there, we saw a piece of the main enclosure fence looked damaged. We don’t know how it got damaged and if that’s how it got out, maybe, but again, it had gotten into the secondary enclosure with some horses and was just kind of milling around in there,” he said.

Chief Ludt said they surrounded the elk and got it to move back into its enclosure by itself.

“We just set up a line where he could see us and he would shy away from us and stay toward the main enclosure, and then they had an open gate, which it eventually just went back in by itself,” he said.

When contacted, Candywood said an animal had gotten out of the pen but said everything was under control.

The preserve, located at the site of the old Candywood Golf Course, is a hunting ground for animals like deer, elk, bison and sheep. It has been the topic of protests in the past, but the owner has said all hunts will be safe.


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