Report claims 7 billion in danger from chemical in tap water

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(WYTV) – A report from the Environmental Working Group claims a common chemical found in tap water is causing cancer.

Chromium-6 is known to cause damage when it is breathed in or swallowed, according to the report. This can include lung cancer, liver damage, reproductive problems and developmental harm.

Infants and children, people who take antacids and people with poorly functioning livers are more susceptible to chromium-6.

The Environmental Working Group’s report says seven million people across the country are in danger from high levels of the chemical in their drinking water.

Levels in the Mahoning and Shenango valleys are relatively low at about one part per billion or less. That is the equivalent to a single drop in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

The legal limit is ten parts per billion, but the health goal is 0.02 parts per billion.

Water systems test for the chemical, and the Environmental Protection Agency says chromium levels under 100 parts per billion is safe.

Chromium-6 was made famous by the movie “Erin Brockovich.”

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