7-year-old clipped in hit-and-run exiting Youngstown school bus

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – There are more busing problems for Youngstown City Schools.

Monday afternoon, 7-year-old Marksha Parker was involved in a hit-and-run accident while getting out of her school bus on Rockview Avenue just before a busy on-ramp to I-680.

Parker was shaken up after a car clipped her leg and hit her hand, but she is doing okay. Still, her mother Lashanda Boone is upset.

“I’m glad that she’s okay, but it could have been something way more serious,” she said. “Then the driver just fled, so they didn’t stop to make sure she’s okay.”

Boone is not happy with the Youngstown School District or her daughter’s bus driver. She tried talking to the bus driver, who claimed she didn’t see what happened and didn’t show any sympathy.

“When I turn my kids over to Youngstown City Schools, I expect them to come home in the same position that I left them in when they went to school,” Boone said.

The family’s house is just blocks away from the on-ramp to I-680.

Parker was hit by the car at the intersection of High Street and Rockview Avenue. Boone said the bus driver let the kids off across the street on Rockview.

“Proper protocol is to stop the traffic to let the kids cross the street,” she said. “You should never let a 7-year-old cross the street by herself…Normally I do. I sit on the porch and cross them across the street, but today I didn’t.”

From now on, Boone said she’ll drive her daughter to school herself to avoid any future problems.

“Our kids should be [Youngstown City Schools’] number one priority,” she said. “Safety should be number one.”


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