Police: Warren man shot during home burglary

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – A Warren man reported that he was shot Monday during a home burglary.

A couple living in the Williamsburg Street home told police that an unknown man got into the house through an unlocked basement window. The man then pulled a gun on the couple, according to a police report.

The victim told police that the robber shot him in the leg after yelling, “What you got?” Police said the man’s wound was minor, as the bullet appeared to graze his leg.

The couple reported that the man went through a purse in the home and left out of a front door.

The robber was described as a 20-to 25-year-old black man, with dark skin, short hair and brown eyes. He was described as being around 5’8″ tall and 130 pounds and was wearing a dark navy Nike hooded sweatshirt, black Levi-style jeans and red, white and blue Nike tennis shoes. He was wearing a black ski mask and hood during the robbery, according to the report.

Police were unable to find a shell casing but did find a bullet lodge inside the bed frame.


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