Queen of Hearts puts Garrettsville, Ohio on the map

GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – A day after the Queen of Hearts showed her face in Garrettsville, Ohio, the game is still generating a lot of buzz in the village.

“We want to be known as the place to come and do the Queen of Hearts,” said Aaron King from SkyLane Bowling, where the game was played.

People from all over the state and country played, generating a lot of business for SkyLane and other businesses downtown.

“It brought a lot of business in the community. It was good for the town,” said Randy Ward from Sean’s Pub.

Sean’s Pub, just down the road from SkyLane Bowling, got a huge business boost from the game.

“It was like being a tourist bar down in Cleveland or like, Myrtle Beach or whatever. Every Sunday we were packed. Our staff did great and we appreciated it,” Ward said.

Ted Lysiak says he’s glad the community got to share the small village with so many people.

“A lot of people had the opportunity to come out, see this hidden treasure that we call Garrettsville, and it’s just a great place.”

A Mantua woman took home the jackpot, which got up to $3.4 million. SkyLane says that as far it knows, it broke the record for the game.

That’s not the only part of the game the bowling alley is proud of, though. The 50/50 raffle raised almost half a million dollars for charities.

“It started at $200, $300, $800 and remember, we gave someone over $1,000 and I thought that was great,” King said. “Now we’re giving away over $70,000.”

The stadium project at Garrettsville High School received $64,000 from the raffle.

“We made $54,000 off of one weekend and $10,000 another weekend,” said Jim Pfleger, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal. “We’re going to be able to build new bleachers and press box for our football stadium.”

King says last week they sold $312,000 in raffle tickets, so two local charities will be splitting it $156,000 each.

SkyLane is taking a few weeks off, but plans on having another game. The jackpot is already at $340,000.

“I asked the crowd yesterday, ‘Would any of you stand out here in a snowmobile suit to do this drawing,’ and a bunch of them raised their hands. So we are going to try to get through the winter drawing outside on Sunday nights, so we’ll see,” King said.

Sean’s Pub is going to enjoy a break, but will be ready for the crowd again.

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