Historic East Palestine steel mill up for bid

Byce Auction held an open-house for its latest hot-ticket property on Saturday; Bidding starts at $90,000

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WYTV) – Reno Davis knows the old East Palestine HR Evans Steel building — a.k.a. Byce Auction’s latest hot-ticket property it held an open-house for on Saturday — inside and out.

“It’s kind of a nostalgic thing for me,” Davis said. “Because when I graduated from high school — actually a week before I graduated from high school — I started working here and spent 17 years here.”

The property amasses 164,000 square-feet and has a starting bid price of $90,000. The online auction closes on Oct. 24.

Davis worked at the 193 North James Street steel mill  when it was the L.W. Nash Company.

There has been a change in ownership since then, as most recently it was under HR Evans Steel, which liquidated the building in March.

No surprise, the building needs a little refurbishing.

“The facade is the same,” Davis said. “But the inside — if it was cleaned up and the cranes painted and the walls painted — it would be the same building as far as I’m concerned.”

The 164,000 square-foot stature of the building is the big selling point.

“The size is amazing for a building of this size to be in downtown East Palestine,” said Jeff Byce, owner of Byce Auction. “You basically have over 160,000 square-feet and you have several multi-tenant capabilities in this building.”

Realtors hope the sale stays local.

“Even though we feel that we are going to have some national and international exposure to it, ideally, it is really good for local businesses that know and are familiar with the building,” Byce said.

Added Davis: “There’d be a lot more people working, there’d be a tax base for the city and for the county. It’d just be economic development. It’d just be a great building for them.”